Sunday, July 5, 2009

I'm Beginning To Think Robert Kirkman Doesn't Like Me...

Don't read all of this is you wanna avoid spoilers.

To be fair, he has given me an unreasonable amount of entertainment for a number of years, but, as comic readers are wont to do, I feel some sort of sense of personal entitlement when he upsets me.

I just did a huge binge of the awesome INVINCIBLE, his creator owned series through image.

Then I read the latest, issue #63... and without resorting to hyperbole, it exploded my skull with the force of being punched with a thousand orgasms that somehow became corporeal and flew jets.

Simultaneously heartbroken, intrigued, outraged and dying for the next issue... you prick, Kirkman.

Kirkman loves killing his characters, as we've seen in THE WALKING DEAD, where the it has become apparent that the rotating cast is doing so because they're actually trapped in some sort of meat grinder, but certain characters are ones you just don't want to lose. And now, killing Atom Eve... well, not to get creepy about it, but I kind of considered her my girlfriend. We'd be going steady a while, I suppose, and sure, she didn't return my calls, or accept my demands of marriage, and may have issued a restraining order... and sure, even in my deluded fantasies I may be getting court orders... but Atom Eve, Kirkman?!

If I didn't love you so much I'd actually sign the waiver my hitman requires before he takes up the contract I put on you...

NOTE: Liam José and (most) known associates do not condone the killing of Robert Kirkman, and are probably able to actually have a point to their ramblings at 1am. If anything, they're only calling for a vigorous slapping.

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